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class descriptions

We have so many options to choose from it can become a little overwhelming!
Here is a little breakdown to help you decide what's right for you.

Group classes

These are classes that are taught in a group situation - where everyone is basically doing the same thing at the same time. They come in three basic flavours - Reformer, Mat-work and Circuit.

Group Class Options
Additionally all Group Classes have a descriptor that lets you know if there is anything special about the class.

Beginner - Suited for 1st timers
Open - Suited for everyone
Power - Higher level of endurance required 
Contrology - The original moves, quite challenging
Mums with Bubs - Classes with lots of babies
Pre-Natal - Dedicated to only those expecting

Studio classes

These classes are individually programmed and designed to meet individual needs. Great for injury care, rehabilitation or goal specific training. They come in three options - Quartet, Duet and Solo.

Gym classes

These classes are for those who want some extra time to practice and don't need guidance to do so. They are special classes and require permission to be used. For more information check out the Gym page here.

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