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Our focus at Pilates with Dan is to offer you a very personalised training experience — we believe this gets the best results. Pilates doesn't discriminate and neither do we. It's a practice for everybody and every body

Pilates with Dan highlights the simple truth of Joseph Pilates' method — controlled exercise and mindful movement that will improve your strength, health and well being. 

While we consider the Principles of Pilates to be a significant foundation in the evolution of the Pilates practice, we've created the Pilates with Dan Principles inspired by the way in which our bodies should and need to move.




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Dan's journey into the world of Pilates is similar to many who go on to teach... 

Somewhat a Science nerd, Dan became a serial 'Pilates Pest' in 2003, after his swimming partner suggested trying 'this Pilates thing' to aid in his strength and mobility recovery. Finding the apparatus weird and struggling with even some of the basic exercises, it challenged him in a way that swimming never could. Then after a bit of soul-searching over the 2005 Christmas break, Dan decided to become a Pilates instructor and has moved through every challenge since without looking back.  But there's more to Dan's story.




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A dancer at heart, Tara loves movement — doing it, teaching it, watching it. Not only is it amazing for the body, but it's also nourishing for the soul. Though she truly loves how movement and Pilates make people feel. The feeling of leaving the studio walking taller, feeling centred and a little freer... It makes you feel great — physically and emotionally, which enables you to function better, which makes you healthier and happier, which gives better quality of life! 

Having lived in Canberra since she was one, (ssh! a woman never reveals her age), Tara actually began her Pilates journey while studying at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Keen to improve her strength and ballet technique, Pilates soon became an essential element to her already full training schedule. Surprised at her improvements, Tara would love to see Pilates become an important part of all dance training programs, particularly for injury prevention. 




With a focus on collaborating with her students, Michelle will make sure you can reach new heights and go further than you have before.

Basically a local having lived in Canberra for over 20 years, Michelle comes to the Pilates world through the backdoor via dance and her aerialist skills.  Needing a training method that would help give her strength whilst also complimenting her other movements, she was advised to try Pilates. Next minute - Michelle is now a Mat-work teacher with a decade of experience! 

With a firm belief that we are all born to move Michelle's classes focus on doing all that you can and maybe spark a little joy, rediscovering how fun life is. 

A Canberra girl at heart, Liz is all about the power of movement for healing — mentally, emotionally and, of course, physically. Movement is her meditation.


With a fascination for how the body chemically stores emotions (if you're curious, read the works of Candace Pert PhD), and how by moving you can actually process emotions and release them, Liz believes movement is a tool that can be used to practice self-compassion and develop the skills of tuning into ourselves. Nothing excites her more than seeing others find this kind of healing and empowerment in their own practice. 


Liz first fell in love with Pilates in 2014 after a period of illness saw her seek out resistance training to help rebuild her strength. But it was her curiosity about the connection between the mind, soul and body, and how the two systems are intimately interconnected that saw Liz passionately complete a Diploma in Pilates in 2016. 




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